Finding Work Experience


We know how difficult it can be to organise work experience for Medicine. There are articles and links on our blog with further advice on this topic.

Where can I undertake work experience?

  • Hospitals
  • GP Surgeries
  • Health Centres
  • Health and social care environment

Get in touch with your local hospital and contact any healthcare professionals you might know. You do not need to shadow a Doctor, in fact, it would be useful to shadow any member of the Multidisciplinary team to learn about Healthcare and the varied roles that contribute to patient care.

You can also undertake work experience in other places such as Schools – this shows that you have been proactive and although not strictly medical it allows you to gain experience in the public sector.

Having a job during your time in school or sixth form allows you to develop important skills such as customer service and time management. These are all valuable when applying to medical school.

Would you like to download our work experience template? – you can use this to email hospitals and Healthcare professionals to request work experience. E-mail us for a free copy –

Do you need help organising work experience in your area? Have a browse of NHS Work Experience Placements here

Now that you’re here – have a look at our volunteering and ‘Reflecting on your journey’ sections. These areas will help you develop reflective skills and demonstrate a commitment to the profession.